Apple Considers This a Word Game: What if..

If you browse the word games in the iOS App Store, you will find a Free Games category. I browsed through the free games to see where LetterMiner appeared on the list. I discovered that LetterMiner was not on the list of free word games even though LetterMiner is a free word game.

When browsing the list of free word games, I discovered lots of games that have no business being classified as word games. This discovery inspired me to create a series of blog posts spotlighting these games to point out the absurdity of Apple categorizing these games as word games. The series starts with the game What if..

What if..

What if.. iTunes Listing

What if.. is a game where you answer Yes or No to a question about a hypothetical situation and see how other people answered. The question starts with a What if that describes something positive and ends with a But that adds a downside to the situation. The following example comes from a screenshot on the iTunes page:

This sounds like an interesting game to play with a group of people. But the only way you could classify What if.. as a word game is to say the questions contain words. But if you’re going to use that logic, almost every game would be considered a word game, rendering the category meaningless.