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October 2017 LetterMiner Downloads

Here are LetterMiner’s October download numbers.

  • iOS: 11 downloads
  • Mac: 2 downloads

The fear I had last month was realized. The download boost that started in the middle of August ended in late September. The download spike wasn’t helpful. All of the iOS downloads were from China, and I did not notice any new people playing LetterMiner.


It’s been almost two weeks since I launched the iOS version of LetterMiner. So far 43 people have downloaded it. I have a smash hit on my hands. The most surprising data iTunes Connect has shown me is only 10 of the 43 downloads are from North America. 22 downloads are from Europe, and 11 …

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Apple Rejects iOS Version of LetterMiner

I submitted the iOS version of LetterMiner to Apple this week. Today I got an email saying LetterMiner was rejected because it could not be played in portrait orientation on iPads.

LetterMiner is meant to be played in landscape orientation. The problem is I can’t find a way to support only landscape orientation on iPad. I tried removing portrait orientation from the list of supported iPad orientations. When I sent the build to the App Store, it was rejected because iPad multitasking requires supporting all four orientations.

I added portrait back to the list of supported orientations. Now LetterMiner is rejected for being unplayable in portrait orientation on iPads.

Replying to the rejection message, I asked how to require the game to be played in landscape orientation. They replied they can’t offer technical assistance. They suggested posting a question on Apple’s developer forums, which I have done.

If I can’t find a way to require landscape orientation on iPads, I won’t be releasing LetterMiner on iOS. LetterMiner is designed to be played in landscape orientation.


I fixed the problem. I had to require the game to be fullscreen to disable iPad multitasking. Once I disabled iPad multitasking, I could force LetterMiner to play in landscape orientation. I submitted a new build to Apple for review.