Changing Words

I can’t believe I forgot to mention this in the LetterMiner 0.5 Announcement, but the main new feature in version 0.5 is the ability to change words without having to clear the previous word you were building. Suppose you have clicked the letters TRAC and you decide to make the word THICK instead. Clicking the H changes the word to TH, allowing you to make the word THICK.

One problem in changing words is that the tile you click can be adjacent to more than one letter in the word you were previously building. Let’s go back to the TRAC example. Suppose there’s a letter E that is adjacent to both the T and the R. What does the word become when you click the E?

Currently the word changes to TE. I had two options to deal with this situation. First, I could start at the beginning of the previously built word, find the first tile that is adjacent to the clicked tile, and add the clicked letter to that tile. Second, I could start at the end of the word and go backwards looking for an adjacent tile. I went with the first option. That’s why the word changes to TE in the previous paragraph’s example, not TRE.