iOS Games I Like: Butts in Space

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In Butts in Space you take the role of a butt floating around in outer space. The object of the game is to gather rolls of toilet paper while avoiding asteroids. You get one point for each second you play and 10 points for each roll of toilet paper. There are no levels in Butts in Space. You play until you run out of lives.

Butts in Space has the following powerups:

  • Underwear, which lets you destroy asteroids for a brief time and gives you 25 points for each asteroid you destroy.
  • Green Crystal, which shrinks you, making it easier to avoid asteroids.
  • Red Crystal, which enlarges you. Each roll of toilet paper you gather while enlarged is worth 25 points.
  • Cosmic Cloud, which provides a cosmic blast. Long press to unleash the cosmic blast, pushing the asteroids away. This is a good powerup to use when you find yourself surrounded by asteroids.
  • Space Blob, which gives you an extra life.

There are also wooden crates floating in space. A crate contains a random powerup. The randomness of the powerups makes each game a unique experience.

Butts in Space is free, but paying 99 cents unlocks all the characters, including the charming Hairy Butt, and gives you an extra life for each game.