iOS Games I Like: Doug dug

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If you ever played the arcade game Dig Dug, you’ll know what Doug dug is about. You play as Doug, and you dig tunnels looking for treasure. There are monsters and lava pits standing in your way. It’s been many years since I played Dig Dug, but I noticed the following differences in Doug dug and Dig Dug’s gameplay:

  • Doug dug is slower paced.
  • You can’t move up in Doug dug.
  • Doug dug places greater emphasis on gathering treasure and avoiding cave-ins than killing monsters.
  • Killing monsters is easier in Doug dug.

Doug dug has an infinite map. You keep digging down until one of the following events happen:

  • A monster kills you.
  • The ground above caves in on you.
  • You fall into lava.
  • You get blown up by dynamite.
  • You fall too far down.