iOS Games I Like: Pinball Breaker Forever

Pinball Breaker Forever iTunes Listing

Pinball Breaker Forever combines pinball and Breakout. Hit the ball with pinball flippers to break bricks like Breakout.

The twist on the pinball and Breakout formulas is that the bricks move downward, similar to Space Invaders. Instead of worrying about keeping the ball from passing between the flippers, you worry about the bricks reaching the bottom of the board. When the bricks reach the bottom of the board, you lose a shield, which is the equivalent of a life in the game. Run out of shields and the game ends.

In addition to the bricks there are targets to hit on the board. Hitting the targets gives you goodies like scoring bonuses and extra shields.

If you like brick breaking games, give Pinball Breaker Forever a try. It’s free to play so there’s no financial risk in trying the game.