iOS Games I Like: Pivvot

Pivvot iTunes Listing

Pivvot is a difficult game with simple controls. In Pivvot you play as a ball riding a rail. The rail is littered with obstacles. You avoid the obstacles by turning the ball. Tapping the left side of the screen turns left, and tapping the right side of the screen turns right. The controls work well, but it’s very easy to turn too fast and hit an obstacle.

Pivvot’s voyage mode keeps things from being too frustrating. When you clear four sets of obstacles, you reach a checkpoint so you don’t have to play through the same set of obstacles repeatedly. Pivvot also has an endless mode where you see how long you can survive. Both modes can be played in short bursts, which is good when you have five minutes to kill.

It took me a while to get the hang of Pivvot, but once I figured out Pivvot, I enjoyed it. This game is not for casual gamers who play puzzle and word games. If you enjoy action games, I recommend Pivvot.