iOS Games I Like: SpellPix

SpellPix iTunes Listing

SpellPix is a game where you find words to paint pictures. Each level begins with a grid of letters. Some of the letter tiles are colored. A colored tile represents either the start or the end of a word. The starting and ending tiles for a word have the same color. There are usually more than two tiles with the same color in an area so it’s not always easy to know which two tiles are the start and end of a word.

Building a word involves creating a path from one colored tile to another. It’s similar to building a word in LetterMiner. When you find the word, the letter tiles in the word become the color of the starting and ending tiles. When you find all the words, you see the picture you painted.

SpellPix has 233 levels. The early levels have smaller boards you can complete in a few minutes. The later levels have large boards that can take 15-30 minutes to clear so you get a lot of gameplay for $2. If you like word games, I recommend SpellPix.