iOS Games I Like: The Grading Game

In The Grading Game you take the role of a professor’s teaching assistant and grade student essays. The essays are riddled with spelling and grammatical errors. Your goal in the game is to find as many errors as you can.

There’s a time limit so finding every error is difficult. If you try to catch every mistake, you’ll get bogged down rereading sentences, run out of time, and not do very well. A better strategy is to read through the essay as fast you can and mark the most obvious mistakes. If you still have time, go back and find the remaining errors.

The Grading Game isn’t for everybody. Some of you think that finding mistakes in essays is a strange topic for a game and not fun to play. But I like iOS games that try something different, and The Grading Game is definitely different. Plus, I’m developing a word game, and I think word game players would enjoy this.