iOS Games I Like: Thomas Was Alone

Thomas Was Alone iTunes Listing

Thomas Was Alone is a platformer game. The App Store is filled with platformer games. What makes Thomas Was Alone special?

What I like about Thomas Was Alone is that it combines puzzle elements with platforming. I enjoy platformer games, but I don’t like playing them on iOS because of the touch controls. An action platformer game that requires precise controls is hard to play on a touch screen because you can’t tell from touch if you are hitting the correct button. This problem is compounded for me because I play iOS games on an iPad, which has a much bigger screen. I could shell out money for a game controller, but I don’t play enough iOS games to make a game controller a worthwhile investment.

By combining puzzle elements with platforming, Thomas Was Alone rewards thinking more than fast reflexes and pressing buttons at the right time. Rewarding thinking makes the game easier to play with touch controls. I can look down on the screen to press the right button without dying in the game.

Thomas Was Alone is the first game I’ve written about that requires an upfront payment before you can try it. But it is an excellent platformer game. If you enjoy platformer games with puzzles mixed in, I think you’ll enjoy Thomas Was Alone.