iOS Games I Like: Threes!

You may be more familiar with the games Threes! spawned, such as 2048. Even if you’re not familiar with games like 2048, you should give Threes! a try. It’s one of the best iOS games I’ve played.

Threes! is a match-2 game played on a 4 by 4 grid. The grid contains numbered tiles. Slide tiles horizontally or vertically by swiping them. Combine 1s and 2s to make 3s. Combine two 3s to make a 6. Combine two 6s to make a 12 and so on. You can go as high as a 6,144 tile, but the highest tile I’ve made is a 768.

Keep sliding tiles until the grid is completely filled. Your final score is calculated by the tiles on the grid at game’s end. Each 3 is worth 3 points. Each 6 is worth 9 points. Each 12 is worth 27 points. The number of points triples for each higher tile.

What’s nice about Threes! is that it gives you initial success while remaining challenging. The chances of you being able to make a 24 or 48 tile the first time you play are high so you won’t get frustrated initially. But getting higher value tiles like 384 or 768 challenges you. I’ve been playing for over a year and still haven’t been able to get the three highest tiles. You won’t be bored by a lack of challenge when playing Threes!.