LetterMiner Doesn’t Appear in the App Store’s Word Game Section

I recently browsed through the word game section of the App Store and discovered something disturbing. LetterMiner does not appear in any list of word games. I navigated my way to the list of word games and found the following categories:

  • New games we love
  • All-time greats
  • Decipher the word
  • Play against the clock
  • Word battle games
  • Play and learn
  • Free games

Since LetterMiner is a free game it should be in the list of free word games. But when I clicked the See All link, LetterMiner was not there. There were trivia games and state capital games in the free word games category. The game 2048 was in the list but not LetterMiner. I don’t think it’s too much to ask for a free word game to appear in the list of free word games.

I find this discovery depressing. Somebody looking for a word game on the App Store has no way of finding LetterMiner unless they know the title of the game. Nobody can stumble upon my game on the App Store. No wonder LetterMiner has so few downloads.