LetterMiner iOS Downloads Jump

I recently checked the download stats for the iOS version of LetterMiner and noticed a big jump in downloads. The following list of download stats shows how dramatic the jump is:

  • 45 downloads in January
  • 8 downloads from February 1 to May 7
  • 0 downloads from May 8 to August 12
  • 7 downloads from August 13 to August 16
  • 331 downloads from August 17 to August 23

I have no idea how I went from nobody downloading LetterMiner for three months to getting over 300 downloads in a week. I know Apple had nothing to do with it. You still can’t find LetterMiner by browsing the App Store. No one mentioned the game on Twitter. I didn’t get a spike in traffic to this site. A YouTube search for LetterMiner turned up nothing. There was an increase in my tweet impressions starting on August 17, but the number of impressions wasn’t much higher than the impressions I had some days in May and June when no one downloaded the game.