Touch Arcade Private Developer Forum

Touch Arcade is a popular site that covers iOS gaming. They have forums where people discuss games. If you’re making an iOS game, the Touch Arcade forums are a good way to build up a buzz about your game as you’re making it.

If you go to Touch Arcade’s forums, you’ll notice they have two forums for game developers, one public and one private. To join the private game developer forum, you must have a game published on the App Store and ask to be invited. When I released the iOS version of LetterMiner, I asked to be invited to the private forum, figuring I was joining a secret group where people discussed all aspects of iOS game development.

I learned the private game developer forum has very few posts. There have been three posts in 2017, five in 2016, and nine in 2015. The last post that received a reply was in April of 2016. If you’re an aspiring iOS game developer who’s worried about missing out on something in the private game developer forum, stop worrying. You’re not missing anything. There’s more traffic in the public game developer forum.